We Love to Blog (WLTB) is a review group. Designers send blogger packs to the group for Bloggers to review and blog. Please read the following rules before applying. Rules are strictly enforced.

Being a Designer can be very rewarding and fun but it can also be a lot of work and attention to detail, so you may be asking yourself "What is in it for me? Why would I want to be a WLTB Designer?"

 There are several good reasons to become an WLTB Designer:

You get a variety of bloggers who will represent your creations in different styles. You never know when there is an untapped clique for your designs. Having a wide blogger base allows you the opportunity to get your designs out to new customer bases with minimum work on your part.

2.You get an increase in visitors to your Store.  The more your items and name are spoken about on the internet/blogs, the more visits you will get to your store/marketplace.

3.You get syndication on WLTB BlogWLTB Flickr and WLTB FB Group.  The WLTB Blog is open to all WLTB Bloggers and Designers to post an image and link back to your blog for increased traffic and coverage.

You get a  network of experienced designers and bloggers.    This is very useful when you need to seek help/advice when you run into a problem or wish to ask others opinion on the way the market is going, etc. Your fellow Designers  and bloggers have a wealth of knowledge for you to tap into.

You get more time to concentrate on your creation, instead of having to hunt down bloggers and managing them.    WLTB does the foot work for you. We actively seek new bloggers to add to our group. Bloggers are overseen by a Blogger Manager who ensures all bloggers are actively blogging WLTB Designer's items.

Of course, all of those perks are not free, there is a bit of work and rules you will have to follow if you decide to apply to join our family:

Designer's Responsibilities:

Designers are expected to share at least one item per month for review. We ask that you send no more than 3 blogger packs a week out. This is to keep our bloggers from being overwhelmed. It also helps to spread your items out over the month to make it more likely your item will be picked for blogging.

Please note, a notice or advert sent to group does not count as your one item sent a month. It must be an actual item. The item sent does not have to be a new release. It can be an older release you would like featured once more or a hunt/sale/group gift.

Designers who go more than two months with out sending out any review items will be removed from the group . We understand that some Designers do not make new items every day, every week or every month. But you do participate in hunts and have sale events. Please use these items or send a standard stock item to be review if you have nothing new to share for the month. The point of being in group is to bring traffic to your store. Bloggers can not do this if you do not send them different items to blog. We need active Designers just as much as we need active Bloggers!

Please include a card with your blogger packs this helps the blogger know the details of an item. It does not help to tell a blogger it is for a certain salesroom or event with out telling them the dates of the event. Bloggers are just as busy as Designers and do not always have the time to hunt up dates. The lack of such information could mean your items do not get blogged in the timeline it needs to be blogged in.

You are welcome to send out notices of special events, sales, hunts or new items offered for blogging. We do ask you not to go wild with your notifications, one condensed notice per day is acceptable. These do not count toward your activity in group, you will still need to send a review pack. No spamming the group chat with advertisements, please.

One very strict rule... DO NOT use our blogger pool as a fishing pool for personal bloggers for your store. We work very hard to find good bloggers. You can send items directly to the group, to ALL bloggers, if you want our bloggers to blog your items. If our bloggers approach you, with out your solicitation, to join your personal group, that is acceptable then for you to take them on. Designers who are found to be doing this will receive only one warning be fore removal.
You can find a listing of posts featuring your store, starting November 1, 2014, on the WLTB Blog). Click on the "Blogged Report" on the navigation bar of the WLTB site. It will show a live updated list of all posts by bloggers.

Okay, You like what you read. You agree with what  you read. 
Now you can apply to join our family...click here for application.

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